How A Great Website Can Affect The User Experience?

A website that doesn’t address its target audience will not perform to its potential. A great website speaks directly to your customer’s motivations and dissatisfactions, taking them on a journey to satisfying their needs.

If a website gives a poor experience to the customer, they will get confused, do the wrong thing or leave the website. Website graphic design consultancy ensure a website is built with the client’s requirements will guarantee a smooth experience.

What is user experience?

Startup with the break of what user experience is and why you want to streamline it. User experience, or UX for short, is the visitor’s experience when they search for a product, service or website. While making a website, small business website builders guarantee to deliver your guests the most satisfactory experience. The user experience of your estate agent website design should be:

  • Functional
  • Helpful
  • Unlimited
  • Plausible
  • Worthwhile
  • Desirable

Why does user experience matter?

If you’ve ever been on a website or app, don’t have any idea how to track down specific data, or have wound end up on a 404 error page, you have experienced a horrible website user experience. User experience matters since bad UX can bring about missed sales and leads you to get through your website. Positive experiences keep customers loyal to the product or service, eventually leading to business growth.

Your website guests will expect that components of your website should work and deliver what they need. If it doesn’t, your website is targeting the wrong audience. With a bad UX, one could have to rewind, dig and make a few personas to understand your customers better.

Ask yourself the below questions while navigating through your website:

  • How simple is the site to navigate? Is it clear what you offer?
  • How could the website be improved to increase conversions?
  • Does content associate with the end-users?
  • Are you using the right call to action?

Start with user research

With UX, the question ‘who is it for?’ It is the fundamental thing you should ask. One should realize who will use your website or app to figure out the best plan for them. Track down your target audience persona by asking:

  • What demographics am I targeting? Men or women? Young or old? Students or professionals?
  • What interests do they have? Voyagers? Gamers? Fashionistas?
  • What products or services do they now use?

Presently you have done your persona and user journey map research as we should understand what website components are necessary for a great user experience.

Elements that make an extraordinary user experience

Value: The website design should deliver the significance of the help or product you are offering and deliver your brand, purpose and tone.

  • Navigation: A good website UX will help users rapidly find what they are searching for and explore a simple journey rather than navigating irrelevant links.
  • Design: It’s fundamental to design a website which draws in your customers and keeps them engaged. Never make it distracting for the user; streamline the process and make appealing sections!
  • Usability: The design of the website should be confusing. Make a sitemap and menu that takes caters to your client’s needs at each phase of their journey. Make it simple for users to find what they need.
  • Functionality: Make sure no links are broken and eliminate whatever needs not to be there. Each website section should have a reason and link back to your personas.

Better UX = Better change rates

If your website isn’t performing as expected, something should be wrong. Review the content on your landing pages, check the click-through rate, and study the data from Google Analytics. Make a plan of action on what requirements change to your estate agency web design and execute it to work on those conversions.

Your target user’s requirements change if you don’t see the conversion rate, you need to implement website updates to improve user experience could give you the conversions your business needs to grow.


A good website UX design is making it work for your users. Successful businesses listen to what their visitors express. Create some short reviews to collect important opinions from customers. Website UX will break or make your brand.

At fifteen, we have a proven track record with our website services. We deliver creativity that works for you and your audience.

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